Collier Sports Foundation

Collier Sports Foundation Inc 501(c)3  was born out of a desire to fundraise for a diverse range of youth sports programs. A special emphasis is given to sports groups and communities that are most in need or most under served by current programs, including youth in areas where there are a lack of  sports resources.

We strongly believe that sport has the power to influence and create social change that can unite youth from diverse cultures and economic backgrounds, help them build self-esteem, and mutual respect. Our core values are based on:

Teamwork – The importance of coordinating efforts with organizations and where possible athletes who share our dedication and commitment of promoting the positive benefits of sports.

Integrity – We strive to ensure all our activities promote trust, respect, authenticity, and dignity.

Sportsmanship – The importance of exhibiting and observing qualities and values that are highly regarded in sports such as generosity, courtesy, pride, ethics, and fair play.

Flexibility – Our commitment is to rapidly adapt and grow in order to achieve our mission.

Education – A belief in the positive impact of life-long learning and mentoring.


  • Support the development and well-being of under-served youth in our community through sport

  • Develop and sustain long-term collaborations and relationships with sports organizations and agencies

  • Report impactful sports benefits, local issues, developments, and news-worthy stories

  • Recognize exceptional individuals and organizations

  • Provide opportunities to mentor and enhance the potential of youth in our community